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Constitutional Balance

Friday 17 December 2021
“The PUP today publish our ‘Restoring Constitutional Balance’ position paper, which was
presented to the Government when representatives of the party met with the Northern
Ireland Office yesterday (Thursday 16 December 2021).
“This is part of our commitment set out within our Constitutional Statement to engage in an
extensive process of lobbying and legal/academic research with a view to both restoring the
fundamental balance to the Belfast Agreement, but also strengthening its core constitutional
guarantee found in the principle of consent.
“As part of this work we have set up a constitutional working group which will be
undertaking various projects over the coming year to develop the capacity for legal activism,
specifically around constitutional law, for both our party members and the wider unionist
and loyalist community. We intend to place a strong emphasis on educating and
empowering young people to feel confident using the law to defend their rights both
personally, and collectively on a community basis.
“We are committed to opening our positions up to scrutiny and discussion, and it is for this
reason we have taken the decision to transparently publish our position paper.
“This party is rejuvenated, with growing numbers of young activists joining the PUP and
injecting an energy and positive vision, which alongside our longstanding principles and
policies provides a strong base for electoral growth, but more importantly equips us to enable
delivery for our communities on key issues, and most importantly the maintenance of
Northern Ireland’s position as a strong, vibrant, prosperous and integral part of the United