About The Progressive Unionist Party

The Progressive Unionist Party was officially founded in 1979. The party is steadfast in its commitment to strengthening the political union between the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland within the context of the United Kingdom. The Progressive Unionist Party strongly believe that a cordial Union of diverse peoples based on a multi cultural and multi faith society, is the most effective way of achieving social and political harmony.

Promoting Citizenship

The Progressive Unionist Party believe citizenship within a pluralist United Kingdom that draws upon the culture and traditions of all the peoples of the island and of ethnic communities, offers the best way of achieving an inclusive, just, peaceful and prosperous society.

Working Class Heritage

For the Progressive Unionist Party, citizenship and sovereignty to the United Kingdom is about sharing a political identity that transcends cultural exclusiveness, religion, language, and ethnicity. The Progressive Unionist Party is a working class party who subscribes to the political ideology as expressed in the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant of 1912. Today the parties policies mirror that of the political philosophy developed by the framers of the Ulster Covenant.

Progressive Policies

Pursuing and implementing a political programme of progressive policies and initiatives that promotes support for full and equal citizenship, entitlements and responsibilities, that develops the social and economic well being of citizens, upholds the civil and religious freedoms of all, and provides positive results for the benefit of everyone in society, makes the party a unique, progressive and distinctive voice within Northern Irish politics.

Team PUP

Through council, our members have supported schemes, brought forward initiatives and secured funding that has improved the lives of many living within the catchment areas of Causeway Coast and Glens and Belfast City Council. Some of these schemes and initiatives include: Playground refurbishment, new sporting pitches, improvement to leisure facilities and extending the Local Investment Fund.

Our members remain a determined and articulate voice for marginalised groups everywhere, using their position in Council to negotiate change and social justice. Championing socio-economic and health-related issues, such as food and fuel poverty, mental health, housing and education. Putting forward ideas that seek to address the inequalities that segregate so many from a prospering society.

With voluntary support from our community and political activists, the Progressive Unionist Party, boasts two constituency offices that are solely funded by our members and not at the expense of the tax payer. Our offices are a hub of social advocacy, benefits and housing advice that gives a voice to the voiceless and to those who others have failed.

Councillor Billy Hutchinson
Party Leader
Councillor Billy Hutchinson

Elected to: Belfast West (Court)

Councillor Russell Watton
Councillor Russell Watton

Elected to: Causeway & Glens (Coleraine)

Our Policies

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