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Public Expression of Culture, Tradition and Heritage

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Public Expression of Culture, Tradition and Heritage

By Director of Communications

In light of recent media coverage surrounding the public expression of Culture, Tradition and Heritage, the Progressive Unionist Party of Northern Ireland feel that the time is right to re-iterate its Policy, Work and opinions around such Issues.

The Principles of Loyalism, on which our policies and principles are based, talks about our “Civil and Religious Freedom” and “Equal Citizenship within the United Kingdom”. We believe that this translates and guides us towards not merely tolerance and respect, but a real acceptance and understanding of the rich tapestry of mixed history, tradition and culture that makes up our Society.

We believe that the recent media coverage and opinions expressed, do nothing to contribute to the real acceptance and understanding required to allow our society to flourish. We believe that this can only be achieved by constructive local engagement within, and between, communities. In recent years, where this approach has been promoted, we have seen some amazing work resulting in agreed protocols and agreements around issues such as flags, parades and bonfires.

Our Councillors and Party Activists, will continue to work at grassroots level, promoting real dialogue and education. We also welcome and continue to promote common sense initiatives facilitated by local councils and statutory bodies that result in positive outcomes that benefit all communities within our shared society.

In closing we believe that shared futures and shared spaces, should not be bland futures with bland spaces, but instead should be a celebration of the rich tapestry of all those within it and a real example of the acceptance and tolerance required for us all to live together.

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