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After careful reading of the DUP election literature

After careful reading of the DUP election literature image

East Londonderry PUP Cllr Russell Watton - After careful reading of the DUP election literature it is obvious that the scare tactics used last year are once again to the fore.

Remember how it went- “Vote for us, Don’t let Martin McGuinness be First Minister.”
That is the same Martin McGuinness eulogised by Ian Paisley Jr as a great “Peacemaker.” The saddest aspect of such rubbish is that not a single DUP representative broke ranks to tell the truth, not one had the guts to say what they were saying privately. A clear case of “Party Before Country”.
Now it seems that the new “bogey man” is Gerry Adams and the chance of Sinn Fein being the largest party, the DUP know this won’t happen, just as they, and others know that the IRA army council controls the Sinn Fein leadership.
Arlene Foster’s tenure as First Minister was ended with the resignation of Martin McGuinness, the IRA army council pulled the plug on Stormont, helped along by the RHI scandal.
This election is a forerunner to negotiations on the way forward for Northern Ireland.
It is time for genuine, principled Loyalists to be at the negotiating table.
Look closely at your Unionist candidates and vote only for those not motivated by political ambition or personal self interest.
It is time to put “Country before Party” and “People before Politics.”