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Statement on Executive collapse

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Billy Hutchinson Statement on Executive collapse 15th Jan 2017

PUP leader Billy Hutchinson has stated that there must be a comprehensive inquiry into RHI if we are to re-establish public trust in the Northern Ireland Assembly. “Following the Deputy First Minister’s resignation and the apparent moves towards a snap election, we must remain focused on the key issues”.

Cllr Hutchinson continues, “I am concerned that the DUP and Sinn Fein will move towards elections and engage in sectarian scaremongering amongst the electorate. We need leadership, integrity and a vision for building a good society- not “us and them” politics”.

Cllr Hutchinson added, “The Secretary of State is hinting that an election is imminent. We could well see an election which returns the same parties to government, and the critical problems of RHI unresolved. Not only can RHI not go unexamined, nothing like it should ever happen again. That is what should be the focus for us all”.

Cllr Hutchinson concluded, “I appeal to the electorate to think carefully about their vote. We can’t fall prey to the same scare tactics. The offices of First and Deputy First Ministers are joint. Vote for people who will work for you and will serve your needs. When we do that, we get decent government and we restore trust in politics”.