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Rethinking Conflict Seminar

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Cllr John Kyle Statement on the Rethinking Conflict Seminar 1st February 2017 Skainos Building

Cllr John Kyle has stated that, “While fully supporting events which promote dialogue and mutual understanding I believe that this meeting has the potential to damage relationships and setback the process of reconciliation.

In these matters context is everything. To engage in difficult sensitive and emotionally charged conversations in the run up to an election risks raising community tensions and inflaming the situation.”

Cllr Kyle continues, “I have listened carefully to the views and opinions expressed by the community and I share their concern. I do not think this is the appropriate context for these conversations. I would call on the organisers to cancel the event.”

Cllr Kyle concluded, “These important conversations are key to dealing with the legacy of the past and are a means to address unresolved political issues. The organisers deserve our gratitude for creating opportunities to explore these matters but the context and timing are critical. There will be a more appropriate time in the future.”