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Manifesto Launch 2017

PUP Manifesto Launch, Ten Square Hotel Belfast, 28th February 2017

PUP leader Billy Hutchinson today led the launch of the Party’s 2017 Assembly Election Manifesto in Belfast City Centre this morning.
Cllr Hutchinson stated, “For decades working class areas have been neglected and sidelined by the biggest political parties. For the past 8 or 9 years in particular, we have all witnessed the failure of our Executive to remedy this, and deal with issues such as housing, health and education”.
Cllr Hutchinson continued, “This has to change. The Progressive Unionist Party is fielding three excellent candidates, who have proved themselves at Council level, remained true to the communities who elected them, and who are desperate to make a difference in Stormont”.
Deputy leader and East Belfast candidate Dr John Kyle referred to the Principles of Loyalism, a seminal document produced by Billy Mitchell in 2001. Dr Kyle stated, “The lessons of this document could not be more relevant today. Mutual respect, sharing responsibility, equality and social justice; that is what Northern Ireland needs, that is what we stand for”.
Dr Kyle continued, “What is contained within the PUP Manifesto are commitments and proposals which can make a real difference to people’s lives. Tackling fuel poverty, educational under-attainment, committing to a Zero Suicide strategy and caring for those with mental illness. All of this is achievable, and the PUP will work with others to ensure these pledges are delivered”.
Party Chairman Brian Lacey closed proceedings and issued an appeal to the electorate to vote for change, for integrity and for Progressive Unionism. On the 2nd March, vote PUP Number 1 and allow us to work alongside you in building a fair and just Northern Ireland.