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Fearing Sinn Fein impact on future of NI

Fearing Sinn Fein impact on future of NI image

“Fearing Sinn Fein impact on future of NI”..

Statement by Progressive Unionist Party Leader

Cllr Hutchinson has responded to the interview published in today’s Belfast Telegraph where former First Minister Arlene Foster warned voters of the dangers which Sinn Fein could pose to the future of our country.
Cllr Hutchinson stated, “It is disappointing in the extreme to see a former leader of NI resort to such scaremongering in an effort to win votes. Arlene Foster states that should Sinn Fein win a majority of seats in Thursday’s election, they will somehow compel the Secretary of State to call a border poll”.
Cllr Hutchinson continued, “Mrs Foster’s position has no grounding. Sinn Fein could have at any time requested the SoS instigate a border poll. Why have they not done this? Because all the survey evidence indicates they would lose- and that the majority of nationalists are content within the United Kingdom”
Cllr Hutchinson continued, “Once we acknowledge that reality, and we no longer seek to frighten the electorate into voting for parties who may not best represent their interests, we can then have a serious discussion about what the upcoming election offers in terms of opportunities and costs”.
Cllr Hutchinson concluded, “We have been consistent to date in stating that we did not want this election – we wanted a public inquiry- but that we will put ourselves before the electorate and offer our policies and our track record of delivery as reasons to trust us with your vote - and nothing as insulting as the reasons offered earlier today. Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom. This election will not alter that fact”.