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Easter Tuesday parade.

Easter Tuesday parade. image

Billy Hutchinson statement in response to PPS decision on Easter Tuesday parade.

PUP leader Billy Hutchinson was involved in the conference which followed PSNI use of CS spray in South Belfast on Easter Tuesday 2016. He states, “The PPS reviewed the evidence and concluded there was no case against the PSNI regarding their unnecessary use of force on young band members in South Belfast. This decision only compounds the belief that all communities in NI do not experience the justice system equally. Trust in the policing and justice systems are now at an all-time low and this should cause us serious concern.

Cllr Hutchinson continued, “This is a case of children’s right to be free from violence being disregarded. The participants of a Junior Orange parade including young members of South Belfast Young Conquerors Flute band, some of whom were as young as five, did nothing to prompt such a disproportionate response from police. Those who witnessed the incident can testify to this and the parents of the young children traumatised and hurt would concur.”

Cllr Hutchinson continued, “We need an urgent review of this decision if we are to restore loyalist faith in Northern Ireland’s justice system. Every citizen should be treated fairly and equally. The Progressive Unionist Party are committed to supporting the South Belfast Young Conquerors FB and the families of the children injured in their continued quest for justice and we will continue to support them as they fight for that”