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Brexit Ruling

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The PUP welcome the news that the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union will be scrutinised by Parliament.

Party Leader Billy Hutchinson notes, “We are encouraged to see the release of the Green Paper on UK Industrial strategy.This indicates that there is already planning for a post-Brexit economy. We will make a formal submission in due course stressing the need for social clauses and actionable programs”.

Hutchinson continued, “Discussions on the UK’s industrial strategy and economic planning provide us with opportunities to consider green, viable alternatives such as building a circular economy. Above all our focus is on lobbying for a fair deal for Northern Ireland”.

Hutchinson continued, “We respect the democratic outcomes of both the Belfast Agreement and EU referendum; meaning that NI will exit the EU along with the UK”.

Hutchinson concluded, “Along with economic planning we will fight to ensure human rights are protected in a post-Brexit setting. The UK Bill of Rights should include broad public consultation and the soliciting of views from all sections of society.”