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#1 pill will kill campaign

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Monday 10th April saw the launch of the #1 pill will kill campaign in the Houben Centre, Crumlin Road.

The campaign was started by William and Lesley Burns, after the tragic loss of their beloved son Jamie

Jamie, a 23year old, with his life in front of him, went out with his mates on the 19th November. During his night, out he took one pill and returned home four days later in a coffin.

A Mother, Father, two Sisters and a Niece are now left with an unfillable void in their lives.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness on the very real dangers of DRUGS and help prevent any other family having to face a tragedy of this magnitude.

The North Belfast Constituency Association of the Progressive Unionist Party have supported the family since the loss of their loved one and fully support this campaign.

Those that deal in supplying this poison to the community must face the full force of the law.